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HIFU: HIFU Treatment Toronto | Facelift Toronto 

Tighten skin, reduce wrinkles & look more youthful–naturally!

HIFU Treatment: Bloor West, Toronto

At our medical aesthetic clinic and wellness centre in Bloor West in Toronto we offer HIFU facelift treatments (HIFU facial) to make you look more youthful, naturally.

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

A relatively new cosmetic treatment, HIFU is a non-invasive treatment method that is a suitable replacement for facelifts, fat reduction and body contouring. In other words, HIFU is a non-surgical facelift that is becoming increasingly more popular throughout Toronto and beyond.


hifu treatment Toronto hifu facelift Toronto: woman undergoing a hifu treatment

HIFU Treatment: How Does It Work?

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to transfer heat to the layers of skin deep below the surface. When this heat is applied, the targeted skin cells are damaged. In this case this cellular damage is a good thing because the action causes the body to start the repair process. 

HIFU and Collagen

During this repair and rejuvenation process the ever-important substance called collagen is produced.

Collagen is an enormously important building block of skin. It provides structure to the skin and promotes elasticity.

What's more, collagen is instrumental in tightening skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving a naturally more youthful appearance.


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HIFU Facial Treatment Benefits

  • facial rejuvenation (HIFU facial)

  • face lifting: lifting of cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids:

    • FaceTite

    • Instant facelift

    • Laser facelift

    • SMAS facelift (rhytidectomy)

    • Lower facelift

    • Mid-facelift

    • & more

  • reduce the appearance of sagging jawline and jowls

  • skin tightening on face, neck & decollete

  • anti-aging

  • reduce double chin

  • smooth wrinkles

  • much shorter recovery than surgical facelift

  • safe & effective

  • & more

HIFU Side Effects

Although rare, some may experience temporary numbness, swelling or minimal bruising after a HIFU therapy treatment. 
These HIFU treatment side effects, however, are mild and usually go away after a few days.
As a result, clients appreciate the very short recovery time–something that is only possible with a non-surgical facelift or body HIFU therapy.

HIFU Facial Results

People are able to see results in just one or two HIFU treatments.

HIFU Facial: Before and After


hifu treatment before and after photo of woman

hifu facial before and after photo of woman

HIFU Facial Treatment Cost

  • Facelift:  $499+

HIFU Body: Learn More


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