Who we are

Palma Skin Care & Weightloss is based on two women who love to share some beauty tips and wellness behaviours.

As women in this century where beauty is the biggest concern, with technology sharing tons of articles and studies on skincare prevention and forever young obsessions, It´s hard to get on track sometimes. However we are women... we are able to do more than we think.

Our blog is to be your tool, for your interests, for your wellness and for your knowledge. Tips, Concerns and questions, we welcome all topics... we love to talk, but we love to discuss about your concerns on wellness, beauty and health. How can you become a better person for you and not for others.

Start thinking of happiness and wellness that is already yours. Always seek knowledge. Knowledge for well-being and success is vital for your life.

Our online products are a selection of our pos treatment homecare. Which reflect our clinical procedures that we provide in Jenny Palma Medispa Toronto.

Enjoy our shop and our blog made with love from us to you

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